Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hello world


While this particular post doesn't have much value itself, I find it important to ensure we're all on the same page when it comes to a couple of things.

I could end up with saying just - I'm writing here on behalf on myself - but a longer justification is needed. I like when there is no doubt after I explained something so let me make a few points here.

My blog/LinkedIN/private mail are completely personal things for me. I'm not representing anyone except of myself, unless stated otherwise.
I do this stuff in my private time and you shouldn't identify my opinions with companies I work for.

I decided to start publishing some of my thoughts because sometimes I have something valuable to say + I pretty much just like writing. I don't like to waste good ideas and forget about them, so I'll be writing it down here, even for myself only. Even if I'm not ready to execute on some idea now, maybe some old blog post will be a spark for myself in the future.
In the last >7 years I gained quite valuable experience which makes me feel like I can now contribute to the community and share my thoughts on security related items and a couple other subjects related to IT.

I don't intend to make money with this blog. I'm not going to offer my services here, I'm writing here personally as a dude with some experience in InfoSec and IT as a whole.
So I'm going to be honest and straightforward. I'm not going to be hiding myself behind political correctness to impress someone with my beautiful wordings.
Sometimes shit is just a shit and I simply can't call it a flower, because it doesn't smell like one.

When it comes to actual content - I doubt I'll post here many 0days, low-lvl researches and other these kind of things. I do that on daily basis at work and I'm blogging when my mind is a bit relaxed and outside of day to day work. There are plenty of great people out there producing such content already so I want to focus more on high-lvl content like security management, but who knows. At this point is tough to tell precisely as it's a big unknown for me either.

I'll surely post here some of my old bug hunting stories, but it's more as an archive for my legacy stuff. I need to migrate it out from old mailboxes and blogger seems like good place to go with it.

I suppose that once in a while I'll drop here a thing or two which I find valuable for personal growth etc, but no worries - I'll try to use tags in a smart way so you can easily filter our content that suits you.

So that would be it in terms of initial assumption.
I hope that all these will make our discussions purely personal and I'd love to see you here again.


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